Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Making the Transition to a One Piece Swim Suit....One woman's journey

January in Minnesota.....darnkess at 5pm, windchills, and neither the Vikes or Pack in the Super Bowl.  Other than eat, what is there to do?  Well, if you are like me, you need a little motivation (and just the hope) for SUMMER!!!  This is when I like to do my "swim suit shopping" which entails of spending hours on Pinterest, and, as of late, researching "figure flattering" suits for mothers.

Yep I am a mom but that doesn't mean I want to LOOK like a mom on the beach.  MY mother recently not-so-delicately reminded me that I am almost 30 and apparently I "have great birthing hips"-which isn't something you exactly flaunt in your "About" section on FB.....with these two stellar things going for me and the fact that I am not some 21-something-single-hot-potato anymore I have decided to make the transition to the dreaded:  One Piece Swimsuit.

Maybe some of you reading this already have a one-pc, good for you (I am not being sarcastic).  Me, I liked to clutch (maybe more of a cling now) to my YOUTH with a two pc suit.....I haven't worn a one pc since......grade school?  But it's time. So after a cocktail and putting my little tikes down for a nap (rewrite: I put them down prior to any cocktails), I began my search.

I wasn't going to go without a fight though-I first researched (and ordered) more "motherly" two pc suits.  After promptly trying them on and returning them, I decided to set my sights on something a little more, ahem, conservative.  Problem was, everything looked like something my Grandma would/could wear :(

Then I found this article (I know it's from hear me out, even if you are NOT a parent) and  I was on the trail to finding a suit that was anything but Frumpy!!!  Here is the link to the article:

Through this article I found several suits that were no longer available, but it was pointing me in the right direction so to J Crew I went and found the perfect color, style and number of pieces to the suit I was looking for.  I am a WATER (in the Element World this means your RED is more of a burgundy/wine red) so this RED CURRANT suit was right up my alley (and with the ability to order a LONG TORSO fit, it wasn't right up my bum).

I have a brown sarong to go on the bottom so I can feel completely comfortable on a beach in Costa Rica-which is where the Husband and I will be at the end of this month.

So I found a suit in my Element, my motivation and, most importantly: my dignity in wearing a one piece :)

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