Thursday, October 19, 2017

Get your Groove Back...TODAY 

I have been hearing the same thing from several girlfriends and clients lately...."I feel frumpy, I want to get my groove back, I am in a slump, etc."  

I had to step back and also realize I had felt kinda frumpy too lately (at least in my clothing selections) and that ain't a good place to be when you are an image consultant.

How we portray ourselves is the energy we express to others and in turn how they portray us.  We feel frumpy, we hide in over-sized clothing, we wear black (don't get me started), we just wanna survive the guess how others perceive us?  They can sense you are just surviving and not thriving (truthtalk: do you enjoy being around other people who are hanging on by a thread or someone who is vibrant and energetic?).  Other people can pick up on your energy much more loudly than they pick up on the words you say.  On the flip side, when we feel confident in our apparel, when we LOVE our outfits, when we feel sexy and vibrant people pick up on that too!  Have you ever noticed how the day goes when you enjoy your outfit vs when you don't wear makeup, hide in your old painting sweatpants and basically just "get through the day"?  

Remember: It isn't about how others feel about you, it needs to be how YOU feel about you.  Everyone else will pick up on it (believe me) but it should first and foremost be about how YOU feel about you.  What is something that makes you feel alive, sexy, vibrant?  

For this girl, it's a pair of heels.  Heels or high-heeled boots make me feel like I am presentable and ready to tackle anything.  They kick up my confidence.  They change the way I walk into a room, the way I shake someone's hand.  The way I feel about me.  For someone else it may be wearing their favorite lipstick-that could be what makes them feel "put together", ready to conquer the day, and allows them to shine from the inside out.  And for yet even others, it may not be a "thing" like heels or lipstick but it might be an action:  meditating/praying/working out.  Whatever it is, just commit to doing that ONE thing every day for a week-you will have your groove back before you can say the word "groove."  In fact, start TODAY.  I have made a commitment to wear heels everyday to work and since I did it has made such a tremendous difference.  I am even wearing a baseball hat (, a comfy tee and skinnies today but with my heels on I don't feel like a slouch, I feel rockstar (and quite trendy-who wears a baseball hat with heels?!?!).  

So FIND YOUR ONE THING TODAY, whether it's an action or a "thing" and  commit to doing it everyday, starting TODAY.  

As my mom always says (because she loves to quote Dr. Phil): "we teach others how to treat us." Today, let's teach others we are confident, vibrant, we appreciate our bodies, we love life and we are rockstars.


To Your Beauty~

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