Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fashion Trend Report Fall/Winter 2013 for YOUR Element

I thought we should take a break from my series dedicated to the dudes to discuss the fall fashion trends and if/how they can work for each of the four Elements.

AIR Element: We saw a lot of mint and coral this spring and summer (hopefully all my AIR's stocked up or are doing so right now while it hangs on all the clearance racks!!) and I am seeing a lot of great stuff for AIR's continue into fall/winter.  The first of which is a pattern that has been hot since 2012, Houndstooth.  We are seeing a lot of it this fall and although it is not your typical AIR pattern (circular, unpredictable), I think a light pattern of it could work on and AIR.  The size of the pattern always depends on the person and the size of their facial features.  A small but important side note:  When you put a pattern up next to your face does it support you-like your Element colors-or does it detract and appear too busy or too large?  The typical Houndstooth pattern we are seeing emerge now consists of black and white which is to be avoided by the AIR but something similar to what I have pictured here should work:

Another trend that will work for AIR's this fall is the sweetheart neckline that is quickly catching on for a lot of designers.  The rounded shoulders would also be most AIR-y.

Lastly:  GOLD GOLD GOLD!  We see that Gold is no longer OLD with the rims on sunglasses and new jewelry being designed in gold!  Go for the gold, AIR's!
Skagen Round Mesh Strap found at

WATER Element:  We are seeing quite a bit of the color Oxblood, a lovely WATER color as seen below.

Marc by Marc Jacobs  "Rock" Watch available at combines oxblood and rose gold~perfect combo for WATER's

Oxblood is a color considered to be a dark shade of red. It resembles burgundy, but has more purple and dark brown hues. It is sometimes referred to as wine red or bordeaux (source Wikipedia).  Lovely and rich for our WATER friends, the more Oxblood you can stock up on this season the better.  

Greens of all shades are also popular this fall, the shade we see most often that would work gorgeously on a WATER would be forest green similar to these skinnies from Rag & Bone:  

Rag and Bone

We are also still seeing the metal: rose gold which is perfect for WATER's, even better if you can find brushed rose gold.

FIRE Element:  Animal prints are right on target for my primal FIRE friends.  The challenge is to find an animal print that doesn't have black nor white in the pattern since neither color is in the FIRE pallette.  I really liked this example I found on Pinterest (too bad there isn't a link as to where we can buy it!!) so check it out, but clearly remember that the white pants will not work for a FIRE.  When looking at this pic, can you tell the white pants stick out like a sore thumb?? ugh! So many ppl need the Elements ;) 

As I mentioned earlier, greens of all shades are in for this fall/winter.  The green to look for as a FIRE is Olive Green as pictured here...  

Lady Love Song Dress from

Another fall/winter trend that works well for FIRE's is the leather motorcycle jacket in a burnished tan or brown-a classic pc with some edge in the angles for my FIRE's.

EARTH Element: 
The EARTH Element is all about stillness and this fall we see the return of the turtleneck!  I can't wait to tell my friend, Theresa, who thinks they are too "old lady."  I think a turtleneck on the right person conveys a simple elegance and almost sexiness :)   

Another fashion trendy this season is plaid.  Plaid is difficult, I feel, for the fact there as so many different colors, styles of plaid.  Overall, the linear factor of tartan (aka plaid) is great for the EARTH but you need to find the colors and size of pattern that will support you versus detract or overshadow you. Too much movement and it will just end up looking silly on and EARTH.  

Icy yet rich blue made the runway for several designers this year and the blue pictured below is most EARTH-y:  

Open back dress in Bright Blue at
Lastly, overcoats or winter coats in primary colors and jewel tones are going to be popular come cold weather time (as I right this blog it's tropical humidity here in MN).  

There you have it, your fashion trend report for fall/winter 2013 with what works for YOUR Element.. don't waste your time on that grunge look everyone's doing ;)

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