Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Three Things Every Man Should Know (Part 2 of 3)....

This three-part blog series over the next few weeks is dedicated to the dudes. 

Objective:  To show our male counterparts the importance of going beyond suit and tie-with consideration given to color, style, texture-and how it dramatically affects the perception of you to the following….EVERYONE. 

Evidence:  Ambady & Rosenthal (some smarties from Harvard) performed a study and published their findings in the Psychological Bulletin 1992, Vol. III, No. 2, pg 256-274.  In this study, they proved that not only do we make quick decisions with small amounts of data….*drumroll*…we actually make correct classifications (assumptions) nearly 70% of the time.  Let’s break it down to normal-people lingo:  Several really, really smart people have done studies, to prove that we stereotype everyone….ACCURATELY (big deal here, folks)……within 30 seconds of meeting them. Before you consider stepping up onto your soapbox consider this: it’s not shallow, it’s SCIENCE.  The study goes on to say judgments from roughly 30-seconds of observation were as accurate as those at 5-minutes of observation.  So, whether we are going in for an interview, a big client meeting, a date, or a court appearance the first 30-seconds count and it can take YEARS to mitigate the first 30-second impression you left.  YEARS! Just because you’re a dude and you may think “fashion is for girls” know this: your “fashion” is either helping or hindering you and it can take years to recover from anything less than a positive first impression.  Do you have years to work with a new client and make the sale?  Do you have years to give testimony in court? Do you have years to convince Mr. Target Corp VP to hire you?  Do you have years to convince Sally Sue to date you?  Maybe, but I’m betting if you are anything like any of the men I know you would rather your time is better spent elsewhere:  like showing your prospect your skills and abilities.  Your clothing is always communicating something; the question is “what do you want to communicate?”

Here are three things you can do about it NOW:

See my last blog for Numero Uno.....

2.  Don’t Own a Black Suit:  I realize panic may be setting in right now guys….just grab another chip with Top the Tator and hear me out: this is one of the PRIMARY things guys have been told as timeless, confident fashion advice but it’s all wrong…well for 75% of the population.  Only the EARTH Element can wear black-for everyone else it can energetically tell people to “stay away.”  I don’t know about you but I wouldn't want to tell MY clients, date or potential employer to “stay away.”  If you are not an EARTH Element it can also make you appear "dull" (see Mr. Andrew above); the black does nothing for his complexion or features and washes him out.  Depending on your Element, charcoal gray, dark navy, or even dark brown would be far better options to support you. 

Next time I will conclude my three-part series addressing:

Don’t accept what your friends wear or what you read in Men’s Health one time as your Fashion Bible

Until then~ be well! 


Katie Stockwell-Finding Your Element-enjoys helping others find and live harmoniously in their Element of AIR, WATER, FIRE or EARTH.  

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