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How to Use your Element to Effortlessly Decorate Your Home

This will be my second attempt at writing this blog (at 1am the night before I am supposed to post).....this is what happens when you procrastinate til the last minute and lose internet connection while saving your first draft.  Here goes!  

I used to be intimidated by a lot of things, decorating included.  I would always default to what I call the "tan trap" where my life basically consisted of a lot of neutrals.  Looking back on it, I would venture a guesstimate that I was also living my life in the neutral zone AKA: I wanted to be in charge of everything and the easiest way to be in charge was to play it safe (PS you are never really in charge).  Fast forward a few years and throw in a husband, two small children and voila!  Neutrals won't keep anything under control in my life anymore.  Also, I have realized that playing it safe, is....well.. kind of boring.  I missed out on a ton and galldarnit I still fight the urge to live in the "tan trap" but I am breaking free a little bit each day.  What the Elements have taught me more than anything else is that we are all different and we all need to not only accept that fact but love it (let's all say it together: I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself).  Let's also just say one more thing before we get into the material stuff below, it's not at all about the material stuff below. A home is about the people in it, even if it's just you....sitting in your house.....with a cat that you adopted from the animal shelter.  It's about how you make others feel when you bring them into your home.  I used to freak out and need everything spotless and perfect before I would dare have my best friend over.  Now, I realize, they also have laundry that might not get put away every day and here's a hint:  I never notice it when I go to their house.  It's about YOU-not your Martha Stewart stuff you found on Pinterest.  Sounds cliche but it's true.  If I had to choose on spending money on a good Jim Rohn seminar to improve myself or a new velvet sofa (I have always wanted a velvet sofa), I would choose the seminar (and I have done it).  This life will flash by-do you remember how much you paid for that recliner you love so much? Or do you remember how wonderful you felt when you conquered one of your biggest, scariest fears?  On your deathbed, you won't be talking about the autumn in the den-you will be talking about the life you lived and those who were important in it.  So commit to escaping the "tan trap" and take a risk.....starting with that velvet sofa you always wanted....right after the seminar of course :) 

Everyone should have a room dedicated and decorated in their Element (first, I guess, you would need to figure out your Element which is where I come in).  Using your color fan can and your descriptive words can break you out of the "tan trap" and into some pretty colorful living that coordinates.  Effortlessly. As I always tell my clients: once your closet is coordinated in your Element, every pc will practically go with any other pc. The same works when decorating in your Element.    

For an AIR remember your colors (as seen on my AIR Board: along with your words of whimsical, unpredictable, uplifting movements.  Some pcs that would work well in an AIR interior could include:  

Cherry Blossom Canvas Print
Cherry Blossom Canvas Print @

Sebastion Gold Damask Wallpaper
Sebastian Gold Damask Wall Paper Cloud Blue Abigail Loveseat
Cloud Blue Abigail Loveseat @

For WATER's keep in mind not just your colors (as seen on my WATER board:  but also downward flowing styles and soft velvet!

 Cote Sud
I have been looking for this chair ever since I found it on Pinterest.....source unknown

 Paloma Sofa in charcoal @ Arhaus
Paloma Sofa in Charcoal @

Create a lazy cloudy day in your bathroom using a shade of slate blue.  This cool yet deep shade looks so sharp with chrome finishes. Try Storm Cloud (6249) by Sherwin Williams.
Storm Cloud (6249) by Sherwin Williams

You can find all of these items and more on my Pinterest:

Next time we tackle the warmth and richness of decorating in the FIRE Element as well as the clean and classic look of the EARTH Element interior.  Until then~be your best!

"You should have a picture of yourself as a kid in your home so that you remember where you came from."Musician John Mayer, September 09

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