Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Focusing on Fires: A look into their world

Theresa, one of my Fire friends, is on the left
"I feel more confident and people seem drawn to me when I am dressed in my element."

Fires.  Where in the world would we be without Fires?  You never have to wonder what a Fire is thinking because they typically just tell you.  They think it, they say it.  Some people of the Water Element (like myself) may initially question their, ahem, directness, but in due time every Element can come to appreciate the Fire’s honesty.  My friend, Theresa, attended my very first Element workshop.  At the end, she handed me an itemized list of things I could and should improve on.  Guess what?  No one else would do that, but I am so happy I have Theresa (and other fellow Fires) in my life to do this work!  She also told me recently that a flier I made was not the best and doesn't get my message across. I used to get offended by Fires with their "straight to the point" demeanor, now I have realized I couldn't live without them and I envy their ability to put things quickly into motion where other Elements may have hesitancy. They are better at setting up boundaries than I ever will be and for that I am grateful. They say what no one else will and I never doubt a genuine heart filled with care behind every comment.  

The personality piece is always fun but we don’t (and couldn't)  type people based on a personality quiz.    The true way to determine someone’s Element is to be in person and feel their energy when certain fabrics are next to their body.  We are looking for the color, texture, style that is in energetic harmony with your physical presence.  For a Fire the colors and textures that would be most in harmony would be more of the burnished, rich, and spicy colors such as cinnamon red, copper, a warm brown, an olive green or shelled teal with lots of texture!  Style would be more asymmetrical, v-neck, may be a little closer to the body vs. long and flowy. They have more of a “primal” looking palette including leopard print.  They tend to have angles throughout their body:  calves face, feet, etc.

As I began to learn more about the Elements I learned that we spend most of our lives “hiding” in other Elements for many different reasons:  security, fear of being rejected as ourselves, resentment that we don’t “fit the mold” yet when we try to live in any other Element other than the one we were born into it comes off as inauthentic.  Fires have this stereotype of being witchy-not the case.  They are direct-they cut to the chase….immediately.  But the more they try to “hide” their Fire-ness the ironic thing is they come off as more witchy!

Some celebrity FIRE’s would be Halle Berry, Rachel Zoe, Oprah Winfrey, and of course, my very good friend, Theresa J

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