Wednesday, April 10, 2013

   Going Gray….Is it for you?

“Gray Hair is a Crown of Splendor…” I find natural gray hair-if done right-to be hands down one of the most gorgeous things on a woman or man at ANY AGE.  Due to genetics and other factors some of us will gray faster than our friends, but hopefully knowing your Element will make a difference in whether or not you decide to go gray with confidence once your time is right.  Here is the Element breakdown:

AIR Element:  You will gray nicely but I have seen a slight golden tone to AIRS who gray……usually goes well with their complexion.  AIR’s CAN GO GRAY!

WATER Element:  Just take a moment and please Google the following:  “Helen Mirren Gray Hair” (go ahead this blog will be here when you get back!)….Helen in her light lilac cowl sweater is an example of a WATER going gray…. A perfect example:   WATER’s WILL GRAY BEAUTIFULLY!
Any WATER Wanna-be-Gray” needs to remember:  “blended/subtle”.

FIRE Element:  I am so sorry to be the one to tell you this my FIRE-y friends….YOU ARE THE ONLY ELEMENT THAT CANNOT GO GRAY L  It will actually make any imperfections on your face more noticeable-it will never work for you.  It will make you look old and haggeredly (new word I just made up) compared to stunning like the other three Elements.  You have my blessing to go ahead and buy a lifetime pass at your neighborhood salon.

EARTH Element:  Some of the MOST stunning people to go gray are in the EARTH Element: think George Clooney.  My husband is an EARTH and I get excited with every strand of gray I see on his head.  EARTH’s are the only Element that could also do some contrast like a white piece around the face and the rest of the hair black.  If you are trying to eliminate coloring your hair this will clearly not resolve that problem but man does it look awesome!!  I saw a young lady while traveling in San Fran this past fall with that exact style and she totally pulled it off!  Looks stunning, not old.  Think Stacy London from “What Not To Wear.” L.O.V.E.

Now that we know WHO can go gray, let’s get to the best way HOW to get there: 

If you are a naïve 29 yr old like myself you will just assume you can just stop coloring your hair altogether and bask in your gray-haired glory.  Not the case as I found out in my research.  It will be tough to just wake up and “be gray” unless you are Harry Potter so here are some tips during the transition and how to maintain the gray goodness:

  1. Consider getting your hair lightened (either your entire head of hair or by highlighting).  This is most certainly easier and way better looking if you get it done by a professional. 
  2. Snip Snip!  It will make it easier (and again look better) to get that mane of yours cut to either shoulder length or higher.  Some people want long gray hair.  That’s great but it will take some time to get there.  Be patient (I am starting to see why this wouldn’t work for FIRE’s J …..inside Element joke)
  3. Enhancing the gray by getting a professional to put in blue-toned streaks can make your gray really pop!  Everyone is different thus everyone grays differently –you will know if you need a little “help” and if you cannot tell on your own ask a trusted friend or your spouse assuming they are unbiased and completely direct about what makes you look your best… my husband. 
  4. Lastly, to maintain your hair throughout the process you will need some moisture.  Lots of moisture actually.  Aveda has a shampoo called Damage Therapy-by stock in this product.  Seriously, use it at least once/week and for daily purposes (or whenever you wash your hair) they have a fabulous blue tinted shampoo/conditioner:  Blue Malva.  Good Luck Going Gray!

Next week’s blog:  Focusing on Fires:  a look into their world


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