Thursday, May 9, 2013

Uncovering the Earth Element...more than meets the eye

I must mention that the EARTH Element is in fact where I began my journey with the Elements.  The owner of the small company I had been working for a few years back, waltzed in one day looking gorgeous and announced that she was going to go gray.  Day after day she wowed us with her new clothing selections and eventually her gorgeous silver white hair!  My friend, Theresa, and I looked on in amazement.  This lady was about 30 years older than us at the time (guess she still is-ha!) and us twenty-something’s wanted to know what her latest secret was to looking fabulous….even her presence seemed different.  She told us she recently took a class and found her Element…EARTH.  The rest, as they say, is history J

We would never type an individual based on personality, we can only type them on their physical body but some EARTH personality traits include their ability to see the whole picture and quickly notice what is missing and how to make it better.  When I first got married I thought my husband,  Jason, was just extremely critical and unemotional.  When I started my training in the Elements with Barbara (the founder) she explained to me that the criticisms, as much as I may not see them this way, are actually Jason expressing his love for me from his EARTH element.  The EARTH sees how to make the situation better and wants to do so out of love.  Also, the unemotional piece is just how they actually express their emotions-the irony is not lost on me.  The EARTH generally tends to not wear their heart on their sleeve-think Jackie O at her own husband’s funeral. The EARTH has all the same emotions that every other Element does, they just tend to keep them inside. 

The colors that work best on an EARTH are what we call the “pure” colors, there is nothing added nor nothing taken away from the colors that comprise their palette.  Some of their colors include black, white and the jewel tones.  They are tone ONLY Element that can wear black, I repeat the ONLY Element (most likely this is not you, reading this blog).  Whenever we are wearing colors that that not in our Element (like black for most of us) it will emphasize our flaws-such as bags under eyes, blemishes, wrinkles-rather than accentuate our body’s natural energetic vibration. 

Happy 35th Birthday this week to the EARTH I married 3 years ago, Jason J

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