Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Finding Your Element Workshop Before & After Pictures

A lot of people have been asking me lately what the heck these Elements are all about….well I could go into a lengthy conversation about how it’s a holistic way of determining the colors/styles/textures that best fit your body but really?!  If I were wondering I would wanna see some pictures!  Can people really tell the difference?  This past weekend I hosted a Finding Your Element workshop and below are the before and after pictures of some of the attendees along with their feedback.  Does dressing in your element make a difference?  Why don't you be the judge J

Had an awesome day figuring out my Element with Katie yesterday! Today I got started adding some new WATER clothes to my closet! -Anika (WATER)

 “I have gotten such great compliments … on my hair and clothing this week - amazing. –Janel (AIR)

“Love, love loved the workshop!  I cant wait to start acquiring clothes in my element (water). I used to “hide” in jeans all the time even though I had a desire to wear soft, flowing clothes.  And now that is exactly what my element says I should do.  Thank you, Katie!” –Karla (WATER)

“I meant to say thank you for making me feel more confident in myself! You have me more dress more confidently!"
–Ashley (AIR)

Lastly, my mother, Carol another WATER (FIRE’s & EARTHS do exist people-we will highlight them in the coming weeks).  She is not really looking forward to being a part of my blog today but she is a good sport and being an only child we have determined she will do almost anything for me-well almost.  I love her dearly and find her beautiful no matter what for all her sacrifice raising me but she is just beyond stunning while dressing in her Element (PS when I asked her where she got this stellar WATER shirt she replied:  “Kohl’s or Shop-Ko!” which proves my point that you can shop anywhere to find great stuff when shopping in your Element!!)....

Next Week's Topic:  "Going Grey....Is it for you?"

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