Thursday, May 30, 2013

Eight Things Everyone Should Have in their be the judge!

I was so excited to watch a segment on the local news last week informing me the “must haves” I should have in my closet...okay sarcastically I really wanted to pick the segment a part to merely reinforce that you cannot trust any fashion experts who have never met you.  You, your body, your opinions influence what works for you and what makes you feel like a queen (or king) and we all are as unique as those darn snowflakes everyone keeps telling us will never match another.  We don’t just have a personalized color palette in the Element work; we also have different styles, textures and even sheens to our skin!  I recently was a part of the Elements Advanced Workshop hosted here in Mpls and it went so much deeper and personal with respect to patterns, sheen and even shapes found in our individual bodies.  Clearly that was a total sidebar but I really hope one day we won’t be trusting magazines, TV shows, or even our close friends and family as the ones left with the decision as to what will make us look and feel our best….the decision lies with you and only you.  And now onto the segment I watched…..

It started out rather promising!  I was kind of amazed.  They discussed how most of us only wear roughly 20% of our current closet (yes that reads 20%).  Don’t believe me?  Why don’t you experiment with this theory in the next week….or I could just save you the trouble and remind you that I am always right J we come up with excuses about how we might wear it eventually or perhaps once we finally lose those love handles or maybe once we get our butt back that we had pre-baby it will finally fit just right.  I don’t mean to be a bad news bear here but it probably won’t happen.  The trend expert on this segment then goes into the fact that your closet should be in “real time” you should be able to wear anything that is hanging in there and I couldn’t agree more.  Then they went into eight specifics men and women should have in their closet.  Let’s just keep this in mind:  I have recently read everyone should eat bananas as part of their diet.  Sounds like sound advice for the masses right?  Well my husband gets super sick from eating bananas, just as I do from eating “whole grains.”  My point? You, and only you, know what’s best for your body.  But if you really would like a little personalized guidance, that’s where the Element Workshops come in quite handy (shameless plug concluded). 

Here are their Eight-must haves for men: 

  1. Grey wool suit:  this suggestion would actually work for three of the four elements, it would never work for a FIRE so not exactly a home-run but not quite terrible….not sure if I would trust advice based on this criteria
  2. Blue blazer:  Similar as last suggestion, not horrible, would work for half or potentially 75% of the male population, but certainly not all.  (and some poor FIRE dude went out the next day to buy a blue blazer and it will just going on hanging in his closet….oh the tragedy)
  3. Crisp White Shirt:  Every man thinks he needs a crisp white shirt.  Only one man should own it:  EARTH Element with a potential for AIR as well.  WATER and FIRE dudes: save your pennies-don’t do it!
  4. Casual t-shirt:  no issue with this suggestion since it’s not really much of a suggestion. Okay. they are NOT talking about the shirt you received at the last 5k you walked in, they mean t-shirt but still dressy enough to wear to the office in a professional environment
  5. Casual Sweater (preferably cashmere).  Similar to suggestion above-not much of a suggestion.  If you know anyone who doesn’t have a casual t-shirt or casual sweater we can certainly stage an intervention. ASAP.  But I would not suggest that everyone wear cashmere.  If a texture is NOT in your element, you won’t wear it.  It’s that simple.  So if cashmere is not part of your element (which it won’t be for 75% of the population) don’t bother.
  6. Well-fitting khaki’s:  I bought one pair of well-fitting khakis in college to wear to a bartending job.  I hated wearing these things, they were too well-fitting.  Granted I’m a lady but lets think about this:  the color of khakis will look seriously stupid on some of the guys we know.  I saw President Obama in khakis once and I almost puked.  He is an EARTH and these did nothing for him-except make people even more uneasy about his decision-making processes…..just trying to add some humor here folks. 
  7. Brown Oxford’s:  Will NOT work for all elements, and if they don’t work for you, they will continue to sit in the closet.  My husband just recently got rid of a pair of these because he naturally NEVER (not even once) wore these expensive shoes but couldn’t get rid of them…..ironically because he had never worn them.  Welcome to my life. 
  8. Dressy Jeans:  Fine with me for people to own dressy jeans, just don’t get black: your chances are very slim that you will look good (or slim) in them. 

Next blog I will be discussing this segment’s top eight suggestions for women.  I am warning you they start off with a staple being the “little black dress”….heaven help us. 

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