Thursday, March 7, 2013

Myth #2: "Black is Slimming on Everyone"-pt 2 of "Why You Should Never Own a Little Black Dress"

Left: Me in my "Slimming" Black Dress 
Right:  Me in my Element, feeling more comfortable, confident 

I am not sure who came up with this cliché, but if I could impart one quick tidbit to save you time, money and a terrible picture I would scream from the top of my lungs:  "Please Please Please Do not let any black fabric touch your skin! …..well unless you are an Earth Element (think Liz Taylor or George Clooney)."  So why do people (like myself pre-Elements) own and wear so much black?  We are on Week 2 addressing the traditional "Black" myths along with easy fixes to help you look your best whether running to get groceries or going to a gala!  

Myth #2 "Black is Slimming on Everyone"  Unfortunately, any color that is not in your Element can actually have the opposite effect when placed on your body.  If it is not in harmony with your body and the energy you are constantly projecting, your clothing will constantly be fighting you not supporting you (see picture above).  The black is a stark contrast to my skin-and my body's energy-which in effect makes me look larger compared to the photo on the right where the color (and style) comes from my Water Element.  The black is also too "still" for me and makes me look like a monochrome blob despite being at one of my lowest weights here....picture on the right I actually weighed more.  Summary:  The most figure flattering outfit is one that comes from your Element (color/style/texture) and closely follows your silhouette. 

Finding Your Element is a holistic way to find the colors, styles and textures that compliment you through transformational workshops and personal appointments.

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