Thursday, March 21, 2013

Myth #3: " Black is Classic" (pt 3 of Why You Should Never Own a Little Black Dress)

Myth # 3 Black is classic.  Looking your best is the most classic thing out there and believe me, for a large majority, black ain’t doin’ it for you.  Husband and I just went to an Awards Gala in Las Vegas….everyone was dressed so beautifully!  Some in their Element and others not….but what I really noticed was that almost every lady had a black wrap or coat to cover their gorgeous dresses.  Black creates a sense of trying to use clothing to “hide”-we all have different reasons to hide, some have painful memories of when we did show up and got noticed in a negative way.  Others feel they don’t have the perfect body.  Yet for others it’s a subconscious safety net.  Whatever your reason(s):  If you are not an Earth Element, I can guarantee you that your beloved black will only make you look bigger, tired, washed out, show every imperfection on your face and even make you look older.  Since the Elements are all about allowing your inner essence to come forth; we suggest an experiment to folks who are skeptical of leaving their black behind….replace one of your black tops with a chocolate brown top or even a dark marine color (pictured below).  Sidenote:  they have a lot of stuff at thrift stores too if you don’t already have one hanging in your closet....they actually have a lot of amazing things in consignment stores once you know your Element-and they are usually arranged by color which makes shopping even easier!  Your wardrobe doesn't have to be expensive to look like a million bucks-that is where the Elements come in ;)  See the response you get from others when wearing the different top and most importantly notice how you feel…..I think you may be amazed J

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