Friday, March 1, 2013

Why You Should NEVER Own A Little Black Dress…. Myth #1 Black Is Simple

Left:  Trying to Make Black Work For Me
Right: Allowing my WATER Element colors to support me

I am not sure who came up with this cliché, but if I could impart one quick tidbit to save you time, money and a terrible picture I would scream from the top of my lungs:  Ladies Please Please Please Do not let any black fabric touch your skin…..well unless you are an Earth Element (think Liz Taylor or George Clooney).  So why do people (like myself pre-Elements) own and wear so much black?  In the next few weeks my blog will be addressing the traditional  "Black" myths along with easy fixes to help you look your best whether running to get groceries or going to a gala! 

Myth #1 Black is Simple  Well I guess that could be true, but so are a lot of other colors like chocolate brown -which is a great substitute for black if you are not an Earth!  Black is the densest color in the color spectrum and energetically it stops movement.  People who are typed in the Earth element need this.  They stand strong, almost stoic, very symmetrical and can wear black, white and the jewel tones-the purest colors in the color spectrum.  The rest of us (myself included) cannot and should not wear this color.  I just recently gave away every last bit of black that was in my closet.  If I want to wear a more subtle color, I just wear my “tranquils” within my Element which-for me-include browns, darker or grayed blues and cool, calming purples. So contrary to popular belief you CAN go back after Black....and unless you are an Earth Element you most certainly should ;)   

Stay tuned for next week's "Black" Myth and Quick Tip to Look and Feel Your Best....

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